For those of you younger than myself you may not know what the USS Enterprise is. (shock!)

Essentially in our future there’s a bunch of Space Cowboys who travel the Galaxy, offend alien species and explore nooks and crannies in the hope of spreading the Federations words of peace and tranquility… while destroying aliens.

Although Star Trek was a fantastic show it’s all been fantasy up until now, a website called has proposed a hundred year road map for space exploration and believes that we can build a fully functioning Enterprise with technology we currently have on hand.


When you consider that the ISS will probably cost over 100 Billion dollars to maintain alone during it’s lifetime it really does make sense to start looking beyond one shot trips to Mars and the Moon and build something much more sustainable and relevant. The enterprise would be used as an exploratory star ship, a space port and international meeting place.


Image credit – Deviat Art

In ranked order of importance, the Gen1 Enterprise’s top eight functions are:

  1. Inspire people around the world about the adventure of humans going into space in a big way.
  2. Serve as a space station & spaceport with 1g artificial gravity to support large-scale space tourism and to encourage substantial private sector investments in space infrastructure.
  3. Take the first humans to Mars.
  4. Enable the construction of a large, permanent base on Mars.
  5. Visit an asteroid, do experimental mining of it, and do tests to divert its movement.
  6. Construct a large, permanent base on the moon.
  7. Serve as a roving space station to support diverse scientific experiments and space projects.
  8. Go on other interplanetary missions, like to Venus and to Jupiter’s moons.

Personally I find this very exciting and if I earned the GDP of a small nation I would be funding this myself right now.!

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