Mars One is a non-profit organization that’s aiming to send you to Mars within ten years.


The entire process will be broadcast on television, just like an extra terrestrial version of Big Brother. Mars One says that all of the technology needed to build a habitat and touch people down on Big Red already exists, and at a small initial cost of $6 Billion we would be silly not to.! However..

There might be slight hiccups. “There’s no liquid water, the atmospheric pressure is “practically a vacuum”, radiation levels are higher and temperatures vary wildly” However scientists at ASRC Aerospace Corporation at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center are currently working on a force field to help shield would be contentants.. *ahem* Astronauts from deadly radiation.

The living quarters would be built via 3d printing and deployed by robots to ensure the new inhabitants have some time to relax and grab a great tan.

If you are interested in applying to the Mars one program to be packed up and sent off to the Red Planet you can apply on the Mars One website

However be warned, it’s a one way ticket to Mars..