It’s a term you may hear more and more in the coming years, with the robotics industry expected to be worth 6.5 Billion for domestic units and over 46 Billion in the commercial sector by 2017, our little bot buddies are here to stay.

But will domestic robots pop up overnight?

A more likely scenario as we move towards total domination by our robot overlords is co-working robots that begin to pick up a few of our obsolete tasks.. Enter Baxter.


According to, Baxter is an entirely new type robot that is redefining the way robots can be used in manufacturing environments. It performs a variety of repetitive production tasks – all while safely and intelligently working next to people. How? Baxter exhibits behavior-based ‘common sense,’ capable of sensing and adapting to its task and its environment. It requires no complex programming or costly integration. And with its uniquely low price point, Baxter provides a compelling alternative to low-cost offshoring for manufacturers of all sizes.

Is this innocent looking bot the beginning of the new revolution?

I think not..