So it’s finally happening, one arm at a time..

Jan Scheuermann hasn’t been able to use her limbs since 1996 when she was struck with spinocerebellar degeneration, but thanks to new technology she’s now able to lift a chocolate bar. The brain-computer interface (BCI) allows seven points of rotation and mobility and brings hope to many suffering from various forms of paralysis.

According to the University of Pittsburg;

“This technology, which interprets brain signals to guide a robot arm, has enormous potential that we are continuing to explore. Our study has shown us that it is technically feasible to restore ability; the participants have told us that BCI gives them hope for the future.”

Scheuermann’s brain was implanted with two quarter-inch square electrode grids. They have 96 tiny contact points for brain areas that control right arm and hand movement.


Ref: University of Pittsburg

Although it does beg the question, how long until similar technology is utilized for Military purposes. We could be seeing robot soldiers in the field controlled by infantry men miles away..