Researchers in the Honduran rainforest have recently used lasers to find a lost city of gold, and now archaeologists in Cambodia have found a forgotten city that’s even older.

Welcome to Mahendraparvata, unknown for a Millenium. Image, an area

The corner of Cambodian jungle where Mahendraparvata has been lurking is dotted with the odd above-ground temple ruin, but the extent to which the city sprawled beneath the shrubs and dirt was unknown until researchers brought airborne laser scanning tech—known as Lidar—to bear. And suddenly, it was as if the city’s ruins just leapt into being.

Damian Evans, University of Sydney’s archaeological research centre in Cambodia, described the moment to The Age this way:

With this instrument – bang – all of a sudden we saw an immediate picture of an entire city that no one knew existed, which is just remarkable.

But Mahendraparvata is more than just any lost city, it’s the oldest in Cambodia,  And now that researchers are aware of both Mahendraparvata’s magnitude and its hidden features, they can really dig in. Figuratively and literally.

With laser technology becoming so useful, it does make me wonder, when will this technology help me find my keys?

Ref: Gizmodo