The TARDIS, a time- and space-traversing, police-box-shaped ship from the long-running sci-fi TV show Doctor Who, is really heading into orbit

220px-TARDIS2 The Tardis had seen better days…

This November is the 50th (50th) anniversary of Who, and to celebrate, a father-daughter pair built a tiny TARDIS-replica satellite. In May, they sought $33,000 on Kickstarter to launch of the satellite. They plan to strap the satellite onto a rocket and drop it into Low Earth Orbit. It’s loaded with a camera for snapping shots of the Earth below, along with a hard drive, so backers can send a small amount of data on board.

The project may sound a little optimistic, but it’s probably doable. We’ve seen CubeSats, which are small, cheap-to-produce boxes that get strapped on to rockets. Once CubeSats get high enough, they fall off the mothership and into orbit. The TARDIS’s creators don’t specify the launch plan for their project except to say the TARDIS will be strapped to someone else’s payload – so the setup might be similar to that of CubeSats.

I can’t wait to see their next project where they plan to distort space and time…

Ref: PopSci